Dulce de Donké

When I started this page, my goal was to celebrate OKC women and small businesses.  It has grown tremendously since then and has included all of the wonderful, small businesses, groups, artists, and events that this eclectic and welcoming city has to offer!

I still love bringing light to the wonderful women who make the greater Oklahoma City area that much more special. Saundra of Dulce de Donké is, without a doubt, one of those women.

IMG_1569This small company began when Saundra’s 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a horrible autoimmune disease. This disease stumped some of the top doctors in the nation  whose “best guess” was to prescribe a steady dose of antibiotics every day for the next 13 years of her life. After doing their own research (think “Lorenzo’s Oil”), they decided to try donkey milk. Here is some fascinating information from her site:

“In other cultures donkey milk is well-known for its health benefits, but in America it is an extremely rare commodity, made even more difficult to find since the donkey only gives a few cups of milk a day, and only until the baby is weaned.

So we did what any desperate parent would do for their little girl.  We bought donkeys. Our little herd began with 3 American Mammoth Donkeys.  These critically endangered donkeys are the descendants of George Washington’s first imported French donkeys, royal gifts from the King of France.  It was our first President’s dream to create a breed of mule that would be strong enough to work this new land, and for this, he needed a large, strong donkey to sire the mules.  When the mule fell out of favor with the advent of the tractor and plow, the need for Mammoth Donkeys declined, and so did their numbers.”

They use the extra donkey milk, that her daughter doesn’t need, to create their Dulce de Donké products.  As you can imagine, it’s an extremely limited supply. Each product is hand crafted with the utmost care to minimize wasting a single drop of this “liquid gold.”

This family has such an incredible story and I am truly honored to be able to tell you about some of their products I was fortunate enough to try out!

Their soaps come in a variety of scents and formulas including Activated Charcoal, Rosemary Mint, Spiced Coffee, and Orange & Tumeric. It is incredibly moisturizing and will not leave your skin feeling like there is that soapy residue.

The next product, and my personal favorite, is their “Better than Botox” moisturizer.  It is  DECADENT! This stuff has a beautiful lavender scent and my face instantly absorbs all of the moisture, leaving it soft and glowing. When I put this on at night, I always wake up to smoother skin. I’m not sure if it’s the lactic acid in the milk, or just the overall goodness of ingredients, but you just can’t beat it. Trust me, I am such a product junkie and have tried moisturizers ranging from $4-$120 and nothing has given me such immediate results. Plus, I love that I know what every ingredient is…no crazy chemicals, no preservatives. Seriously, this stuff is the bee’s knees!

Lastly, Saundra was so kind to let me test out her new Dulce de Déodorant. After I had my son, I could probably put my husband’s B.O. to shame, so I was a bit skeptical. I thought, “well, I’ll probably smell good for an hour or so, but I’ll have to stick to my beastly, skunk-away pit stick.” I put some on and immediately was drawn to the clove scent. I love clove. There is something about that scent that reminds me of fall and Christmas and baking and all things happy. It’s subtle and woodsy with just a hint of spiced goodness. I did a few chores around the house and decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and test it outside while I do some yard work.  It was fabulous! I was still sweating, as this is not antiperspirant, but I had zero funkiness coming from my pits…so I call that a win!

I would definitely check out this local gem. Dulce de Donké is so much more than a local, business. It is a family and a symbol of how good, natural ingredients are truly the best!